Icon: St Theodore Stratelates and St Theodore Tyron | S-4
Origin Russia
Period : second half 16th century
Size : 30 x 23.5 cm
St. Theodore Stratelates (‘the general’) and St Theodore Tyron (‘the soldier’) are venerated as Warrior Saints and Great Martyrs in the Russian Orthodox Church. On the icon the two saints stand frontally on a green ground, the elongated figures clad in armour as Roman soldiers. They both wear a bright red mantle over their shoulders. St. Theodore Stratelates holds a spear in his right hand and a shield and a scabbard in his other hand. St Theodore Tyron holds a drawn sword in his right hand and a small shield in his other hand. Their feasts are celebrated on February 17th (Theodore Tyron) and February 18th (St. Theodore Stratelates).

The poses of the two saints on the icon are very similar to an earlier icon with the same two saints dating from the 15th century in the Hermitage, St Petersburg (ERI-246).