Icon: Strastnaya Mother of God | S-24
Origin Russia, Palekh
Period : circa 1800
Size : 31 x 26.5 cm
Private Collection, The Netherlands
The type of the Strastnaya Mother of God is relatively rare in Russia. The icon has been painted in a highly refined style. Against a cream coloured ground, the Mother of God is portrayed half-length, while turning her head tenderly towards the Christ Child, who sits on her left arm. She is dressed in a deep blue chiton and a purple maphorion, the fringes and the hems of her garment rendered in gold. Christ is dressed in a greenish chiton and an ochre himation highlighted with chrysography. Christ turns his head to the right, where an angel is showing the instruments of Passion. The angel on the left holds the cross. Frightened by the sight, Christ grasps with both hands his Mother's right hand.