Icon: Travelling Iconostasis | R-19
Origin Russia, Old Believers Workshop
Period : 19th century
Size : 44.5 x 159 cm

This icon comprises fifteen hinged panels that can be folded up into a convenient package. It is this type of icon that was easy to transport when travelling, from a summer residence to a winter dwelling and vice versa. At the final destination, the icon would be unfolded and used as a domestic iconostasis in a private chapel. Such icons were also used to celebrate the liturgy outdoors, on military campaigns for example.

The icon comprises four levels or tiers. The lowest tier comprises the Deesis row with Christ Enthroned in the centre, and the Mother of God, St John the Forerunner, the Archangels Gabriel and Michael and other saints to the left and to the right side. The tier above the Deesis row shows the most important liturgical feasts of the Russian Orthodox Church. The third and fourth tier represent the prophets and forefathers.

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