Icon: Annunciation | P-23
Origin Russia, Old Believers Workshop (Moscow or Mstera)
Period : early 20st century
: 55.5 x 44 cm
According to the label on the side of the panel: L.I. Sokolov Collection, Russia
Against a stylised architectural background, the archangel Gabriel strides towards the Mother of God. Startled by the archangel’s sudden appearance, she greets the unexpected visitor; her hand open, in a gesture of accepting God’s grace. In her hand she holds a fine thread. This detail alludes to a passage from the apocryphal proto-gospel of Jacob. Mary was spinning purple thread for the new curtain for the Temple in Jerusalem, which had to be made by eight virgins from the house of David. Many years later, during Christ’s crucifixion when the earth shook, the Temple curtain, for which Mary had spun thread, was rent in two.