Icon: Prophet Simeon | J-15
Origin Russia
Period : Mid-17th century
: 52 x 39 cm

The icon comes from the upper tier of an iconostasis. The domed shape of the panel is typical for the upper tier panels, which altogether create a crown-like effect. On the icon, the prophet Simeon is traditionally depicted with a long grey beard. He is dressed in a bright red tunic and a green mantle. In his hand he is holding an open scroll with his prophecy.

The prophet Simeon the God-receiver was present when Jesus was brought into the temple as an infant (celebrated as the feast of the Presentation). His feast day is celebrated on February 3, with that of St. Anna the Prophetess. Simeon was one of the seventy scholars who came to Alexandria to translate the Holy Scriptures into Greek. The completed work was called The Septuagint, and is the version of the Old Testament used by the Orthodox Church.